Free Horse Racing Systems

ODDS ON ONLY – free horse racing system

This is a system designed for those who like to bet on odds on favourites and for punters who have no fear. It flies in the face of “conventional” thinking where punters are generally advised “odds on – look on”‘.


  1. Operate on any race with 10 or less starters
  2. Eliminate any race where the odds on favourite is not a last start winner
  3. The odds on favourite must be the only last start winner in the field
  4. Eliminate any odds on favourite that has not won at the distance (or okay – placed?) At the distance of today’s race
  5. Do not bet if the track is not rated as good or better

The staking suggestion

You only ever operate with a bank of 100 units with a maximum of three bets per bank.

Bet 1:
10 units on the first selection. If it wins, great, take the profit and a new bank begins. If it loses, advance to Bet 2.

Bet 2:
40 units on the second selection. It doesn’t matter if this horse wins or loses – you must advance to Bet 3.

Bet 3:
50 units on the third selection.

This concludes the series and a new bank starts again.